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4 ways you can protect yourself from online dating scams

The number of online dating sites is increasing exponentially. All these sites are not legitimate. Many scammers are floating around. You should be careful about them. These are four ways you can protect yourself from them.

Use reputable dating sites


Read online reviews and ask your friends about the dating site. Have a look at the site and read the security instructions before signing up for it. Do a thorough research on the site.

Don’t give away your personal information


You shouldn’t give personal information like phone number, bank account details, etc. to the site. Even information like your pet’s name may help hackers get your password. You should use a different name as your profile name and have a dedicated email just for online dating.

Follow smart security practices


Be careful when you click on any link. There may be links that will take you to a site where you will download malware that copies your sensitive information. You should n’t sign on a dating profile from a public computer. Also, you should keep your security software always updated.

It can be very exciting to look out for new love or meet new people. But the world has become cruel, and some people look at every chance to harm you either personally or financially. You should be very careful when you use dating sites to meet up people. Keep these pieces of advice in mind. This way you will reduce the chance of falling into the hands of scammers or hackers.


4 signs that tell that the person you are dating online is lying

Online dating has become a regular thing now. But it can be dangerous if you get into the hands of a wrong person. It is exciting to meet someone you haven’t seen before, at the same time it poses a risk to your life. Here are the signs that tell you if a person you are meeting online is lying or not.

Offers little or conflicting information

You should know the person’s full name and phone number when you are dating online. If someone refuses then, you should know that something is wrong. If you find any conflicting information, like at one time he says ‘I was out at work’ and at some other time he says ‘I work freelance,’ then you know that the person is lying.

If information sounds too good to be true

If you find everything nice about the guy, then that’s a warning sign. He might not be telling the truth. So, you should stay alert.

Talks about money most of the time

If he brings up topics like ‘money’ in most of your conversation, then that’s a red flag. You should be very alert about scammers who ask to give you financial help to buy transportation or any other thing for the first time meeting. If the person asks for money, you can also complain about the person in the dating community.

Wants to move fast

Be cautious about people who want to start a conversation with you outside the dating site too fast. Any move that is too quick is a threat to your personal security. So, you must be careful.

3 ways to create the first impression on a date

First dates can be nerve-wracking. You will not get a second chance to create the first impression if your first date doesn’t go well. Here are three ways you can make the best out of your first date.

Don’t talk to the woman in a professional tone


Men often become stiff due to anxiousness. But you should remember that it’s a date and not a job interview. So, don’t have a boring talk. You should be polite and talk about things that a woman will find interesting and fun. Talk to her as if she is your friend and not a potential employee or an employer. You can start the conversation by saying ‘hello’ and then move into the usual topics like hobbies, career, movies, etc. Then you should turn the conversation to something exciting and interesting.

Don’t ask repulsive questions


You will kill the moment if you ask questions like ‘How do you think we will get along?’ or ‘Are we a good match?’ on a first date. These questions will make the woman shy away.

Have the right body language


Body language is very important in the first meeting. It begins to speak to a woman before ou starts saying a word. So, you should maintain eye contact all the time and sit upright. You should use a low and slow voice tone while speaking. If you try to speak too fast, you will stammer.

So, just be yourself on your first date. Be friendly, comfortable and polite. Your natural self will attract a woman more than if you try to behave artificially.