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Eating out in Style while in London with your Interracial Love

When in London, you can find thousands of places you can spend your night at with your significant other, but eating out in London doesn’t have to be an ordinary experience. Check out our list of the top places you can take your date at and have a good time while also leaving an impression of someone who knows “the cool places”.

Dirty Bones Carnaby


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We’ll be hiding out right here all day. Laters Monday ✌️

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If you are a chill person that enjoys chill vibes, then show your personality exactly with a visit at the Dirty Bones Carnaby in SOHO street, a few meters away from Piccadilly Circus. An extra of this restaurant is the amazing food that can satisfy even the hungriest of people. The meals also come with electrifying cocktails to lighten your mood and your partner’s as well.

The Little Blue Door

Ever wanted to dine out but you didn’t want to leave the comfort of your cozy apartment and go to a noisy place with uncomfortable chairs? Then this restaurant is the solution for you and your partner. Once you enter the little blue door, you will enter an environment with an amazing vibe and the cozy atmosphere hits you in the face first.

Cinnamon Bazaar

Ok, but if you want to really impress your date, visit this cool place. It’s eccentrically designed to combine the beauty of the old with the coolness of the new and the same idea carries over to their cocktail recipes that everybody seems to go crazy over! You could also take a dive in flavor with an amazing menu crafted by expert chefs that love experimenting with flavors and different recipes.



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It’s getting hot in the kitchen this lunch time 🔥

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A local favorite, this place combines the strict industrial design with a cool atmosphere that offers an ambiance like no other. Once you visit this place you will get in a relaxed mood because of the soft lighting that exists throughout the whole restaurant. Once you are seated you will start smelling the amazing menu, and you won’t be able to wait till you taste it!

London has a lot of places to have some food but there are also some places where you can have good food, enjoy your time and take in the environment of the restaurant. Eating out in London can be as exciting as ever!

english christmas markets

Ranking the English Christmas markets for 2018

We all want to rush to Berlin or Prague for the popular Christmas market, but you don’t necessarily need to travel so long for the Christmas shopping and enjoyment. The UK offers some of the amazing Christmas markets where you can marinate yourself into the spirit of the holiday season.  Let’s have a look at the best English Christmas markets to experience this year.


No doubt, Bath has been one of the most preferred destinations of Europeans, because of the natural hot springs and 18th-century Georgian architecture.

From November 22 to December 9, you can enjoy over 200 stalls along the beautiful Roman Baths and Bath Abbey, that is well enough to give you true festive feeling.

With plenty of food and drinks, nearly everything on sale is produced locally. You will be able to shop candles, ceramics, glassware, clothes, toys and homeware are among the items you’ll find there.

english christmas markets


London never disappoints anyone, whether you are looking for an exquisite shopping experience or looking to party around. 

Experience the winter wonderland this season, It’s has got classic alpine Christmas market stalls selling everything from slightly overpriced mulled wine to homemade gifts, to traditional Christmas foods.

If enjoying at Winter Wonderland is not your style then you can head to South bank Wintertime Market. It is one of the most famous markets in London where you will find almost everything you expect to buy.


Manchester has got an epic Christmas market with more than 350 stalls, yes you read it right. These Christmas market stalls are spread across the whole city, not just that, but the markets have got several different themes.

This is one of the best markets to walk through the streets and immerse yourself completed in the spirit of the festival.

english christmas markets


Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, and it has got one of the most happening Christmas markets as well. Anyone seeking for the cocktail of nature’s beauty and Christmas enjoyment should surely visit here. The market is endured on East Princes Street up to George Street, and experience the euphoria of festive jollity with shows, traditional crafts and foods, rides, Santa Land, cabaret, etc.

Simple, Yet Effective Dating Ideas For Interracial Couples

Simple, Yet Effective Dating Ideas For Interracial Couples

When was the last time you had a memorable date with your partner? With our busy schedule, most of the people either forget or wait for the weekend to spend some cozy time with each other.

Let’s talk about some of the amazing date ideas that are effective and simple

Rent a Tandem Bike

A Tandem bike is a bicycle built for two, it’s utterly romantic and enjoyable to all kind of couple, the best thing about this bike is it improves your coordination and support levels.

You can rent a Tandem bike and can hop on it take a tour of the whole town. Its a great idea for a couple who is searching for something different.

A Poolside Hangout

A poolside hangout is an amazing way to enjoy your day in peace. A lot of sunbaths, a drink in hand and favorite music is a perfect way to relax your body and mind.

Volunteer Together

Want to do something different? Volunteering for any social cause is a great way to spend time and help others.

Charity and volunteering give you a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, free volunteering can help in strengthening your relationship. Studies say volunteering and charity increase well-being and happiness.

dating ideas

At Home Spa

A good home spa is something that every couple should do in every fixed period of time. Spa helps in reducing stress and anxiety, it also helps in strengthening the bond of the couple.

Start with setting the mood with the fragrance of essential oils and candles, try of providing a sensual massage to your partner, massaging help in improving the bond and understanding your partner’s body.

Brewery or Winery Tour

Most local brewery or winery tours are free, and you’ll leave with the knowledge you can impress your friends with—plus hopefully some free sips of booze.

Find a Carnival

Carnivals are fun and they don’t require any entry fee as well, all you will be required to do is a plan for the upcoming carnival and enjoy your fullest.

Have a Wine and Cheese Night

Sometimes you just don’t require anything more than a glass of wine with a favorite snack and some sensual time is the best way to spend your date night.


Sweat Together this weekend, plan for a hiking to burn those extra calories that you are about to have on your weekend cheat meal.

dating ideas

Cook together

Cook something special together, set up a good mood with the best lighting and have an indoor night date that involves a lot of cuddling and Netflixing.

list of uk counties

Our list of UK counties worth visiting with your interracial partner

Consisting of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is also referred to as Great Britain. The UK has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations because of their friendly culture and their acceptance to all kind of people. Let’s talk about some of the best places that are worth visiting with your interracial partner.


While talking about the best place to visit at the UK, London has to come on the top of the list because of the diversity of the city, it has something to offer to everyone and the people of the city are quite okay with interracial relationships.

From happening nightlife to world’s best food, London is a city which will never let you get bored.

list of uk counties


Edinburgh is also known as the most visited city in the UK, it’s the capital of Scotland and it famous for the majestic castles and historic buildings.

Its a perfect city with smoky building grafted on the volcano mouth, it’s an openminded and dynamic town that is quite small but has many things to offer to a couple. You can expect a lot of tourist crowd because of it being a popular destination. One if the best time to visit this place in May when the hotels are cheaper and the town will be less crowded.

If you are planning for Edinburgh then you should definitely plan while the Edinburgh festival is going on, its the best time to experience the real culture of the city and its people.   

list of uk counties


The city is named after the famous Roman bath, this city is one of the smallest city in the UK that means you can walk your way to the next destination without being worried about the taxi fare.

There are hundreds of things to do in Bath one of the mandatory things to do while you visit bath is experiencing an ancient Roman bath and discover how ancient people used to relax.

Take a stroll on the Bath Skyline Walk. Just a small way from the city square, this six-mile course takes you through lush grasslands, secluded valleys and old-fashioned woodlands.

best bars in London

The Best Pubs And Bars In London To Take Your Interracial Date

It’s official: London is now a 24-hour city (at the weekends, at least), as the long-awaited Night Tube finally rattles into action. Regardless of whether it’s your first, second or third time in London, there’s no lack of activities for visitors, no matter whether you are looking for a peaceful quality time or quality nightlife London will never disappoint you. From mixed strolling visits and treks on the London Eye to unruly bar slithers and memorable ideas, we’re here to enable you to weave your way to extraordinary experience with your partner.

There are numerous late night bars in London that are open to serve you round-the-clock Underground. Here are some of the best bars in London to take your interracial date:


Experience one of the capital’s most well-known clubbing spots with a visit to Fabric in Farringdon. The unbelievable London club highlights three rooms, incorporating one with a “bodysonic” dancefloor, and has facilitated a portion of the world’s greatest DJs. You’ll discover electro, techno and disco music, and also drum N bass and grime, pumping from the speakers.


Treat yourself to extraordinary Japanese, Brazilian and Peruvian combination toll at Sushisamba while getting a charge out of 360-degree perspectives of the city from the eatery’s elevated vantage point up on the 38th and 39th floors of Heron Tower.

best bars in London


With three stories and a limit with respect to in excess of 1,000 gathering goers, Heaven is an amazing London club.


Indian food lovers can be found all over the world, if you are someone who gets attracted towards those intense taste of spices and herbs then this is a place for you. They facilitate Bombay-style bistro in Covent Garden was named the best place to eat in the UK a year ago. Features of its tasty Anglo-Indian-Iranian menu incorporate bacon naans, bean stew and cheddar on toast and firm sheep samosas.


A cool setting housed under railroad curves in Shoreditch, which grandstands a differing scope of music and club evenings to a warm and benevolent group. In case you’re feeling peckish, try to look at its scrumptious burgers, pizzas, and platters before celebrating into the night.

romantic couple

Great Getaway Ideas For The Interracial Couple Looking For A Romantic Experience

When was the last time you had a fun time with your partner? Most of the Americans are so busy in their daily job that they are hardly able to make time for the person they love most. Spending some good time with your love doesn’t require a bag of money or planned holiday, it just requires real intention to enjoy the moment.

Here are some of the tips for interracial romantic couples looking for a memorable time.

Outdoor movie

One of the best ways to spend some quality time even if you are having a hectic day, outdoor movies are the best thing a busy couple can do. The outdoor movie has all the ingredient that any romantic date is ought to have, you can experience fresh air under the sky while cuddling in a blanket can surely help to improve the mood and relieve stress.

Go for a hike

This is how an active couple should spend their weekend, you can either choose to join local hiking groups that offer a good amount of physical activities or you can just plan to have partner hiking trips to explore the wild. Exploring the wild can be a really romantic experience.

romantic couple

Relaxing Jacuzzi with wine

Its boring to go on a hike for two days straight, you can devote your Saturday for the hiking and physical activities and you can devote your Sunday for relaxation. Enjoying a glass of vine in Jacuzzi under the ski can be a very soothing experience.


Renting a boat and spending your weekend exploring the sea can be a memorable experience.

EPSOM salt bath and massage

This is my personal favorite routine to relax body and mind. But instead of hoping all alone in the bathtub I usually do it with the wife to spend some classic relaxing time with her, most of the time a good body massage is followed by those relaxing salt baths, yes we both have trained each other to give some really good body massage.

Quality time plays important role in establishing a stronger bond and keeping the love alive, never take those romantic dated for granted and always pursue to find new ways to keep your partner happy and relaxed.

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson

Biracial celebrities whose interracial parents would be oh so proud

Photo credit: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

There are lots of biracial celebrities that we are usually in awe of. These are celebrities who have done great stuff. Whether it’s in music, acting, being president and even becoming a princess. Now, if we idolize them that much, imagine what their parents feel. Imagine how proud they must feel.

Now, there are those who can give you the rags to riches story. There are those who just came from humble backgrounds and rose to greatness.

Why parents of these biracial celebrities must be so proud

1. Barack Obama

barrack obamaPhoto credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Barack Obama is a son to a man from Kenya, Africa. His excellence is to die for. He went to Harvard school of law, became a lawyer, ran for governor and got it. Then he went ahead and ran for president. And he got elected the first time he ran. Obama became the 44th president of the U.S. and made history as the first black/ biracial president of the United States of America.

2. Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson

Be it in wrestling or in acting, the Rock is always excelling. He played college football but decided to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and became a professional wrestler. he is now semi-retired from wrestling and is mostly acting and is very great at it.

3. Halle Berry

Berry has been acting all her life. She is the only African American woman to scoop the Best Actress Academy Award. She has starred in great films like the Bond movie “Die Another Day”, “Xmen” Catwoman.

4. Mariah Carey

mariah careyPhoto credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com
For Mariah, its all in her voice. It’s very hard to find someone with such a wide voice range. She sings the very low notes perfectly and hits the hard to reach high notes smoothly. The Guinness book of records recognizes her as the “supreme songbird”.

5. Meghan Markle

We cant talk of biracial celebrities without mentioning Markle who went from actress to Duchess of Sussex in the Royal family of the U.K. She just got married to Prince Harry!


How to add sexy to your interracial love life

Everyone wants their relationship to be the one based on sexy love. After a period of time, some relationships usually tend to take a back seat, especially in the bedroom. The sex always changes. These things happen when we get comfortable with our partners. However, things don’t have to be this way. There are various things you can do to introduce a bit of spice into your relationship. Such things will go a long way in maintaining that spark in your relationship

Below are some of the things that you can try out as a couple. Now, if you are new to these things, start small and build up from there. Make sure that both of you are comfortable with whatever it is you are bringing into the bedroom.

1. Take the sex out of the bedroom

You get into bed. Tired. Start cuddling. No foreplay. Then bam. Couples tend to get into the routine of having sex in the bedroom. Don’t limit it to the bedroom. You have the whole house to yourself. Hit the showers. Try having sex in the kitchen. Do it anywhere but the bedroom.

2. Roleplay

You might be having these sexual fantasies. These can really add the much-needed zing to your sex life. If your sex life is feeling like a chore, it’s about time to get things heated up with some role play. Talk about your fantasies as a couple and decide on a few role play games you can indulge in.

Go get those costumes and get ready to play nurse and doctor, bad boy and teacher…

3. Get that sexy love back by getting kinky

kinky couple

Whether its introducing sex toys into your life or a little BDSM, do whatever you can to bring back that excitement. When it comes to bondage, you need to be careful about what to try out. If its the spanking or the tying each other up, have a safe word in case it gets a little too rough.

The whole idea is to let loose and try something different. Get that sexy love back. Sex is very important in a relationship. Do all you can yo keep it spicy.



mixed race couple

Romantic ideas for interracial couples in UK

As an interracial couple it is important to keep romance fresh in your relationship no matter the situation! Romance and romantic date ideas should not be considered things that only happen on Valentine’s day and special occasions. You should have ideas for romantic dates often! And UK is just the place for you to make those ideas a reality!

  1. Let’s go to a restaurant! (Only us though)
    It is not the most budget friendly thing you can do on a date but it is definitely something very romantic to do. Some restaurants will offer you the choice to rent out a restaurant for the two of you for the whole night! This is a very romantic gesture and it is a date night the both of you will remember indefinitely.
  2. Take your love to a lovely beach
    Cornwall, St. Mawes is a place to go with your partner when you want to unwind within a calm environment with a beautiful beach away from the noise and the hassle of the city. The tiny Cornish village is a great idea for couples! Romantic and relaxing in all the right places.
  3. Spa day with twice the people is twice the romance!
    May have not crossed your mind but a day at the spa as a couple is a great idea for a getaway! Go for a spa day and relax together! This will also give you some time to catch up together since a busy week can keep you away from a nice calm conversation. Get your massage and your hot tub experience and chill with your other half for a day.
  4. Flying magic
    Butterfly gardens are some of the most magical places to visit as a couple. Take some sugar water with you too in order to attract the butterflies for some awesome pictures! It’s a wonderful experience and something not many people get to do because it is a bit unconventional.

These are some of the countless ideas you can find and do in the UK when you are an interracial couple. The only thing standing between you two and fun is the creativity and imagination you need in order to think of what a date is. Don’t always go for the conventional. Try and mix some unconventional ideas into the date mix to keep things fresh!

black white couple



Has the digital age ruined dating?


Back in the old days, dating was simple then and the internet age came and online dating changes everything. The internet changes the way we interact with people, how we do it and when we do it. In the old days, we can always have excuses not to be present physically but with the social media apps that we have right now, even if we are sick in bed, people can still talk to us everywhere, In terms of relationship this visibility and availability is not good for those trying to mend a broken heart. It will be difficult not to see that person online again when you were that intimate before. Unlike in the real world where you can just move somewhere, it is hard to complete erase connections in the virtual world.

In terms of dating,  it is hard when you are always available virtually everywhere as people can already screen you and not chose you for online dating. Then, since the aim of online dating is to select who is the best among the thousands of searches, the searcher must go on numerous online and real-world dating to filter out who will succeed in getting the coveted second date. If one is using multiple dating apps, then this dating schedule should be very exhausting. These too many choices and too many options can also reduce intimacy.   Personally, the digital age has not ruined dating but it has changed it. In order to maximize your participation, here are some of the tips:

Know what it is you want to a potential date

Before even signing on to an online dating app, you should know in your heart who is really that person that you are searching for. The dating app can help you with their defining profiles but it is just you who will select which one to give your attention to. Since there are hundreds of choices in just one online dating app, you need to be specific in how to select the one.

Be honest in your profile

In making your profile with your picture on it, make sure that you are highlighting your best profile in your photo but it should reflect your real – life profile and not hide it. It can save a lot of time if you are just thoughtful in making your profile. Be specific in introducing yourself and not use general descriptions.

Don’t be a slave to the numbers game

Be reflective in meeting people online so that you can already screen which one to go on date within the real world. Don’t just collect as many offers as you can as this will discourage you big time. If after an exhausting week and numerous dates, things did not go well for all the dates, you might want to back out.

Balance your  virtual and real-world presence

After you have met someone special through the online dating, maybe it is time to take some time off in the virtual world and get to know that person for real. If you are still searching, take time to take a breather from your virtual life and enjoy your finest moments in the real world.