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How to add sexy to your interracial love life

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Everyone wants their relationship to be the one based on sexy love. After a period of time, some relationships usually tend to take a back seat, especially in the bedroom. The sex always changes. These things happen when we get comfortable with our partners. However, things don’t have to be this way. There are various things you can do to introduce a bit of spice into your relationship. Such things will go a long way in maintaining that spark in your relationship

Below are some of the things that you can try out as a couple. Now, if you are new to these things, start small and build up from there. Make sure that both of you are comfortable with whatever it is you are bringing into the bedroom.

1. Take the sex out of the bedroom

You get into bed. Tired. Start cuddling. No foreplay. Then bam. Couples tend to get into the routine of having sex in the bedroom. Don’t limit it to the bedroom. You have the whole house to yourself. Hit the showers. Try having sex in the kitchen. Do it anywhere but the bedroom.

2. Roleplay

You might be having these sexual fantasies. These can really add the much-needed zing to your sex life. If your sex life is feeling like a chore, it’s about time to get things heated up with some role play. Talk about your fantasies as a couple and decide on a few role play games you can indulge in.

Go get those costumes and get ready to play nurse and doctor, bad boy and teacher…

3. Get that sexy love back by getting kinky

kinky couple

Whether its introducing sex toys into your life or a little BDSM, do whatever you can to bring back that excitement. When it comes to bondage, you need to be careful about what to try out. If its the spanking or the tying each other up, have a safe word in case it gets a little too rough.

The whole idea is to let loose and try something different. Get that sexy love back. Sex is very important in a relationship. Do all you can yo keep it spicy.