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list of uk counties

Our list of UK counties worth visiting with your interracial partner

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Consisting of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom is also referred to as Great Britain. The UK has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations because of their friendly culture and their acceptance to all kind of people. Let’s talk about some of the best places that are worth visiting with your interracial partner.


While talking about the best place to visit at the UK, London has to come on the top of the list because of the diversity of the city, it has something to offer to everyone and the people of the city are quite okay with interracial relationships.

From happening nightlife to world’s best food, London is a city which will never let you get bored.

list of uk counties


Edinburgh is also known as the most visited city in the UK, it’s the capital of Scotland and it famous for the majestic castles and historic buildings.

Its a perfect city with smoky building grafted on the volcano mouth, it’s an openminded and dynamic town that is quite small but has many things to offer to a couple. You can expect a lot of tourist crowd because of it being a popular destination. One if the best time to visit this place in May when the hotels are cheaper and the town will be less crowded.

If you are planning for Edinburgh then you should definitely plan while the Edinburgh festival is going on, its the best time to experience the real culture of the city and its people.   

list of uk counties


The city is named after the famous Roman bath, this city is one of the smallest city in the UK that means you can walk your way to the next destination without being worried about the taxi fare.

There are hundreds of things to do in Bath one of the mandatory things to do while you visit bath is experiencing an ancient Roman bath and discover how ancient people used to relax.

Take a stroll on the Bath Skyline Walk. Just a small way from the city square, this six-mile course takes you through lush grasslands, secluded valleys and old-fashioned woodlands.