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interracial dating partner

Texting your interracial dating partner – A few tips you can use

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Moving ahead with your interracial dating process once you are comfortable with your interracial dating partner exchange your phone numbers. Exchanging phone numbers means you have developed enough trust and confidence in the relationship and are ready to take it a step ahead with the exchange of phone numbers which of course can be followed by a date in the real world once you are ready for it. The texting once started in an interracial dating scenario has the ability to take the relationship to new unexplored areas if doe in the right manner and may sometimes even become a reason for the end of the relationship. It is in your own hands how you carry it forward.

Do not hasten things in an interracial relationships texting scenario


interracial dating partner

While texting in an interracial relationship do not take things too far at the very start. Do not be too eager to get into personal stuff since this may sound a red flag for your interracial dating partner. Do not text your partner continuously if your partner is not answering to your texts since this may make you come out as someone desperate. If you have your phone handy and receive a text from your interracial dating partner respond immediately. If you are busy tell him/her that you are going to talk later. Do not make him/her reel waiting for your message.

Less Emojis and more text in an interracial dating relationship

While texting your date use more of text rather than emojis. Too many emojis give an impression that you are lethargic and not taking the person seriously. Using an emoji sometimes is ok but having the majority of the conversation in the form so emojis will definitely spoil the relationship. A small sweet text asking “How was your day” will be more than enough to ring a bell and start an interesting conversation.

Do not analyze your interracial date with the texts he sends

Analyzing someone’s overall personality is not advised. Who knows the person maybe squeezing time out of his busy and hectic schedule to text you. Your date maybe working in a highly stressful environment and texting you back while being under great pressure. Do not be judgmental while texting. Keep the perspective of the conversation in the mind and proceed accordingly. While texting people exhibit only a very small part of their personality.

Do not pretend to be someone else in an interracial dating relationship

While texting your date or crush do not hide your feelings or play someone else. Say what you feel. Do not make up things in your head and then communicate. However while starting texting in the initial few days you need to weigh your words and sentences. Later once you are comfortable with your interracial dating partner be the person you are. This will give an idea of the kind of the person you are to your dating partner once you meet in real. Texting in an interracial dating relationship is like adding cement to the base of your relationship.